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Training young people to thrive in the ever changing, complex world of relationships

Welcome to

The MARS Trust:

Modelling Active Relationship Skills

for young people

The MARS Trust is a Relationship Skills Charity passionate about young people being able to build healthy, safe relationships in every area of their lives


"It was fun talking about stuff you never talk about. It made me feel uncomfortable but I enjoyed it."

Year 11 Student


MARS' lasting impact

Making and keeping good relationships is at the heart of a fulfilling life and a sense of belonging. Relationships don’t always go to plan and skills are needed to build, keep and repair them. The good news is that these skills can be learnt and improved! MARS interactive workshops allow students to explore their own views and opinions on what is important to them at the right time in their development. They can go forward into adult life with tried and tested relationship skills  and ‘soft’ skills for employment.


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