What we do

The Programme

There are six one-hour multi-media workshops, each led by an accredited Presenter.  Trained small group leaders facilitate discussion, activities and exercises.  In each workshop students explore the outcome of using ‘good skills’ and ‘bad skills’. This approach ensures that each student has the opportunity to engage, to consider other viewpoints and to reach personal conclusions.  ‘Your Life. Your choice’.

Year 8/9

1. Relationships and Friendship 1801.jpg

Year 10

3. Communication 1804.jpg

Year 11

5. Choice and Commitment 1809.jpg

Year 8/9

2. Friendship and Choice 1801.jpg

Year 10

4. Conflict Management 1804.jpg

Year 11

6. Love is 1809.jpg

"There was an excellent range of stimulus material and students were thoroughly involved."


English Teacher

Why does it work?

Lecture style of teaching is used to impart information with the flow in one direction only and the learner simply listens. Workshop style imparts similar material, but with personal participation aiming at behaviour change or behaviour confirmation.  Interactive small group participation ensures each student has hands on experience of skills.  Student feedback from each of the sessions confirms that they find this visual and interactive approach interesting, fun and helpful.

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