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What we do

The Programme

There are six one-hour multi-media workshops led by a MARS Presenter. Trained MARS Volunteers from the local community manage tables with small groups of students within a school year group. These volunteers listen to and encourage students to engage with activities, give them a voice, and practice skills with peers and then family and friends. Working in groups provides a safe space to share personal opinions and consider other students’ views, empowering them to make their own choice.

Year 8/9


Year 10


Year 11


Year 8/9


Year 10


Year 11


"There was an excellent range of stimulus material and students were thoroughly involved."

English Teacher

Why does it work?

The Workshop style with fun and engaging materials is a proven way of teaching personal skills. There is time to consider the information, discuss with peers or in teams, as well as explore students’ own feelings and views. This is the right age and the topics are key to students’ ability to demonstrate their character and core values to their relationships going forward. The feedback from students and schools is excellent.

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