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What is the MARS trust?

MARS aim is to introduce young people to the impact of using positive relationship skills and to help empower them to make informed relationship decisions.

Why do we need to teach relationship skills?

Limited positive relationship role models impede the ability of young people to build healthy, fulfilling and long-term relationships. This affects every area of life: personal, social, the workplace and sports field. The MARS programme seeks to inspire students to use the key skills that will help them thrive and achieve their own aspirations.


How do we work?

Accredited MARS presenters lead multi-media workshops, with students seated in randomised groups of 8.  Trained small group leaders facilitate the exercises, activities and discussions in each group. Workshops are delivered during school hours, to appropriate year groups. This ensures that every student has the opportunity to experience the outcomes of using good relationship skills..

"It was a superb mix of talk, entertaining clips and group work. Very relevant to pupils now and in their future."

Advanced Skills Teacher

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